Znáte Travianer?

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Znáte hru Travianer (nemyslím Travian, ale Travianer!)?

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1 Dee17 Dee17 | Web | 24. října 2008 v 21:05 | Reagovat

Ahoyki máš moc krásnej blogísek a to myslím vážně..plsky koukni se taky na můj a když budeš chtít pokecat tak klidně napiš do komentů...děkuju :):)

2 Antroz Antroz | Web | 24. října 2008 v 21:14 | Reagovat

Právě jsem se na to chtěl zeptat! :)

Je to dobrá hra?

3 Antroz Antroz | Web | 25. října 2008 v 7:57 | Reagovat

Já to nechápu! Jsem u toho domku a nevím co mám dělat! A mám hlad ! :DD

4 spinax spinax | E-mail | Web | 25. října 2008 v 8:21 | Reagovat

neznám ale mohlo by to bejt dobrý

5 Antroz Antroz | Web | 25. října 2008 v 8:51 | Reagovat

Jj, to je.

6 Nidhiki Nidhiki | E-mail | Web | 25. října 2008 v 9:28 | Reagovat

jo jeto goooood

7 majitel majitel | 25. října 2008 v 9:58 | Reagovat

Antroz: Vytěž suroviny a dostaneš dopis od Horatia. Ten tě pak pošle k sobě a budeš plnit úkoly.

8 majitel majitel | 25. října 2008 v 9:59 | Reagovat

EDIT: Ty už jsi u toho domku. :D Tak jdi za Horatiem a ten ti dá úkoly.

9 Antroz Antroz | Web | 25. října 2008 v 10:31 | Reagovat

No, už jsem i zatím :)

Teď mi vypráví něco o tom praseti :D

10 Antroz Antroz | Web | 25. října 2008 v 19:15 | Reagovat

No, je blbý že jsem si ještě neaktivoval účet (e-mail) a nemůžu hrát ty minihry. Hrál sem šachy závodně...

Jak se tam jmenuješ, Avaku?

11 majitel majitel | 25. října 2008 v 19:44 | Reagovat

Já se tam jmenuju Algon240.

12 Antroz Antroz | Web | 25. října 2008 v 21:17 | Reagovat

A jsi na ENG?

13 majitel majitel | 26. října 2008 v 8:01 | Reagovat


14 mutran mutran | Web | 26. října 2008 v 10:51 | Reagovat

sry ale ne a konečně mám blog tak se mrkněte

15 Kajco Kajco | E-mail | Web | 26. října 2008 v 12:04 | Reagovat

mam new díl

16 Mahri hahli Mahri hahli | Web | 26. října 2008 v 19:53 | Reagovat

Hele Avaku jak najdu za římana toho Horatia??

17 Mahri hahli Mahri hahli | Web | 27. října 2008 v 7:33 | Reagovat

Už vim

18 Mahri hahli Mahri hahli | Web | 27. října 2008 v 7:40 | Reagovat

Další problém,co stim Tombem???

19 Mahri hahli Mahri hahli | Web | 27. října 2008 v 8:32 | Reagovat

už vim zase:-)

20 Antroz Antroz | Web | 27. října 2008 v 9:27 | Reagovat

A já nevím:

Jsem u toho, jak když se zeptám Horatia, tak mi říká že to prase jde za mnou všude, a něco o nástrojích. Co dál?

21 Mahri hahli Mahri hahli | Web | 27. října 2008 v 12:42 | Reagovat

Muj mu řek:Tvoje prase umí mluvit.

22 gaara gaara | Web | 27. října 2008 v 14:13 | Reagovat

kdy bude mew díl ?

23 BIONICLE v AKCI BIONICLE v AKCI | Web | 27. října 2008 v 18:42 | Reagovat

pls mam malou navstevnos a mam good blog a nikdo onem nevi pls chodte tam

24 BIONICLE v AKCI BIONICLE v AKCI | Web | 27. října 2008 v 18:42 | Reagovat

pls mam malou navstevnos a mam good blog a nikdo onem nevi pls chodte tam pls

25 Antroz Antroz | Web | 27. října 2008 v 19:29 | Reagovat

To mě taky, ale co teď?

26 majitel majitel | 27. října 2008 v 19:33 | Reagovat

Antroz: Musíš si koupit nějaký nástroj.

27 Biotom Biotom | Web | 27. října 2008 v 20:09 | Reagovat

Po další delší přestávce mám 19. Díl.

28 Piraka Piraka | E-mail | 27. října 2008 v 20:09 | Reagovat

zdar, už sem tu dlouho nebyl

29 Piraka Piraka | E-mail | 27. října 2008 v 20:10 | Reagovat

sice už nesbírám Bionicly ale po dlouhé době se na nějaké podívám

30 Piraka Piraka | E-mail | 27. října 2008 v 20:14 | Reagovat


31 Mahri hahli Mahri hahli | Web | 28. října 2008 v 8:48 | Reagovat

Mně se u zříceniny objevila čarodějka Halovina a koupil jsem

postel,a odemkla se mi specialní Haloweenská kolekce :-)

32 majitel majitel | 28. října 2008 v 10:03 | Reagovat

Mahri Hahli: Četl jsem celý návod a nic takovýho tam není. :D


Your life as a Travian begins in a small area in which you can't do very much. But you will receive a message from the support welcoming you, and telling you to harvest some resources for a start. After you've done that, another carrier pigeon will bring you a letter from your uncle Horatio. After you read this message thoroughly you can click the line 'Click here to begin your wanderings' and the adventure starts! (Keep this message, please)

Now you stand in a different landscape where you see resource spaces again, but there will also be a house and next to it you see your uncle (there's an exclamation mark over his head) and his pig awaiting you.

I. Uncle Horatio (quests: Win the villagers' confidence, Sociability test, Uncle is hungry, Cash for goods)

Talk to your uncle until he recognizes you and tells you that the house is yours now. You should follow this conversation with attention, because it's your first introduction to the storyline of the game. If you talk about everything with your uncle, he will assign you your first tasks:

1. The first task is to harvest one of each of the resources surrounding you: dig clay, chop wood, harvest grain and mine ore. Once you've got one resource of each kind, talk to your uncle again.

2. Next he tells you to go and greet Tombo and tell him about the thing with the sheep, to enter the village. Tombo is the village guard who carries a long spear in his right hand, and you can see him in the lower-right corner of the screen. So, get going and talk to him!

3. If you haven't clicked on the signpost before you start talking to Tombo, he will advise you to read the game instructions (you can find them under the little "i" beside your inventory too). A look at the FAQ won't hurt you either. But now back the regards we have to give to Tombo.

4. Before Tombo allows you to enter the village, he will give you a quest too: either you bring him 10 resources of the same kind (e.g. 10 wood) or you have to find a friend to show your trustworthiness.

5. After managing to enter the village, talk to your uncle Horatio again. He is hungry now and demands a loaf of bread from you. Therefore you'll need grain, which you mill in the village. Take the flour to bake a bread and bring this back to Horatio.

6. Your next quest will be to learn trading in the NPC-market. To do so, go back to the village and leave towards the south. The building with a green striped roof (looking a bit like a tent) is the NPC-market where you should now sell a resource until your avatar proclaims "A good deal".

7. After you tell him about your first deal, your uncle won't give you any more quests for this day. He wants you to come back when you're one day old, so wait until tomorrow.


Finally a new day has arrived. Let's go and talk to our uncle again!

I. More quests (quest: Choosing an occupation)

Before you are considered worthy of inheriting your uncle's beloved travel pig, he will give you some more tasks.

1. First of all he wants you to become a respectable citizen and therefore you will have learn a profession. He tells you that the next resource you harvest will decide your profession. If you harvest grain, you'll be a farmer, if you dig clay, you will be a clay digger, if you chop wood, you'll be a woodcutter and if you mine ore you'll be a miner. After chosing a profession and reporting to your uncle, the travel pig will follow you.

II. Side quest: the pig and the treasure (quest: The travel pig)

Talk to your travel pig. It will tell you, that it knows where a treasure is hidden!

Leave the village towards the south again and this time take the path behind the armorer. Your pig will then by itself go to the place where the treasure lies, you just have to follow. Talk to it again and it will tell you that it has found a purse and you will recieve 5 silver, which you need badly for the next task.

III. Uncle isn't satisfied (quests: Buying tools, Equipment)

Your uncle hasn't finished with you, so go back and talk to him again.

2. To become a more effective worker you should go and get a tool. The tool trader is located right below the NPC-market. Tools are quite expensive, so it's best to choose one (attention: there are demands on your attributes for the tools) and click "remember". It will then keep its price until you have earned the necessary money for it by trading resources.

3. Now that we finally have a tool, hurry back to the uncle. He still has more tasks for us and demands that we also buy a piece of armor and a weapon. There you go again, start saving money for those. The armorer is left of the player-market, the armsmaker right below the player-market. It's enough to buy one item at each dealer - you don't have to completely fill your armor to fulfill the quest.

When you've done all of this, your uncle Horatio will leave you (for now) and the house and the pig are now entirely yours.

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DAY 3: The complaint (quest: Civic duty)

When you are three days old, you'll recieve a message from Tombo, telling you that someone has made a complaint about you.

1. Go and talk to Tombo. He doesn't want to tell you who has complained about you. First he wants you to bring him some resources and then he admits it: Senkel, the barkeeper at the tavern, has complained about you.

2. Go and talk to Senkel. He will tell you that your warehouse looks pretty much run down und that you need to upgrade it. If you keep nagging him, he will give you some resources to support you.

3. You need 8 resources of each kind to upgrade your warehouse. Once you've got these, click on the warehouse (it's located in the village, left of the mill) and choose "Upgrade to level 1"

4. Go back to Senkel - he will reward you with an "overpriced junk food".

DAY 5: Message from your uncle (quests: Make yourself useful, Bodyguard)

You will get an ingame message from your uncle, who finally remembers where he lost the amulet.

1. Senkel has been robbed and won't tell you anything. You should join a guild.

2. Look for a guild in the forum or found a new one. You have to be at least level 5. After that, talk to Senkel again. He will be more friendly now, but still he won't tell you everything.

3. Wait for the next OP and then talk to him again.

4. You should become his bodyguard. Go and win 3 fights in the arena (if you haven't already) or take part in 10 fights. Then return to Senkel and let him tell you more about the amulet.

5. Senkel wants to meet you at the ruin, so go there and talk to him. The ruin is the dilapidated building north of the village.

6. There he will tell you about the robbery and the stolen amulet part. Besides he will tell you that you have to chop down the beech for further progress.

DAY 7: Message from Senkel (quest: The wager)

Senkel tells you he is having problems sleeping. As his bodyguard you have to care for his wealth and hurry to him.

1. Senkel tells you he has betting debts to the blackjack-player behind the arena.

2. Go to the arena, and continue eastwards, talk to the blackjack-player and play games against him until you win at least one.

3. Return to Senkel and tell him about your victory. He will award you with 1 gold coin.

DAY 10: The mystic hammer (quest: The hammer)

The diary told us to listen to our pig. So, let?s listen to it? Ouch! What was that? Where did this hammer came from? Anyway, who am I?

1. You will find out where the hammer came from by going south from the arena. Next to the tavern you will find Karamix - he threw the hammer.

2. As a compensation for "deleting" your occupation you may choose a new one, this time including the secondary jobs from the village (miller, baker, clay burner, carpenter, charcoal burner and smith). As a help, you will receive some resources.

3. After getting a new occupation, you should talk to Karamix again with pride.

DAY 13:

I. The children of Karamix (quest: Weapon smith's children)

Karamix has a big problem, maybe we should help him?

1. He tells us his children have been kidnapped, so we generously offer him to rescue them. Your pig already has a hot trail and leads us to a small hut.

(The hut can be found by following the road going south from the blackjack-player)

2. Inside the hut we can see 2 robbers and the children. You have to defeat both of the robbers.

3. We then can return to Karamix, who will gratefully give us his axe, the Chop-o-matic.

II. The beech

Now we can do something about the beech at the arena.

1. With the Chop-o-matic we can chop down the beech near the arena. Just click on it, you will start to chop it.

III. Senkel's amulet part (quest: Returning stolen goods)

Do you remember? Senkel was robbed! Time to return his stolen items.

1. Follow the now-opened path north of the arena until you recognize a small rock. Enter the cave. No need to be frightened, it is pitch dark inside, but we can find something anyway.

2. Search the cave until you find Senkel's amulet part. Leave the cave (there?s nothing more to find) and return to Senkel with his belongings.

DAY 20: Matricia is back (quest: Herb quest)

Once again your travel pig shows its unfailing skill to sniff things, this time herbs (north of the guild area). Could it indeed be that Matricia is back? But who is this Matricia anyway?

1. You will find Matricia, if you take the pathway going north from the arena and then turn right (attention: the junction is somewhat hidden by trees!). It'll take you to a house resembling a big tree stump.

2. Wait untill your pig and Matricia have duly greeted each other, then talk to her. Matricia turns out to be a witch, capable of brewing you potions from herbs.

3. Go to the entrance to the guild houses (west of the market and north of the guild area) where you can now pick herbs. To pick a herb costs 1 AP. Once you've collected some take them back to Matricia.

4. She will turn the herbs a potion for you and if you're wearing a belt you can use these potions while fighting.

5. From now on it's always possible to pick fresh herbs and get them turned in to potions by Matricia.

DAY 24: The attack (quest: The robbery)

The village has been attacked! Tombo refuses to let you out of the village, as long as you haven't help with the rebuilding.

2. If you give 50 bricks, 50 breads and 100 wooden boards to Tombo, the state of emergency will be lifted. Until you bring this help you'll only be able to go to your house, the village, the market and the guild area.

DAY 28: Letter from Matricia (quest: The traveling merchant)

Matricia sent a message to your pig, telling you that Pilou has been arrested. So finally we get to know this mysterious traveling salesman.

1. Go the in the direction of the guild area, south of the place where you pick herbs, there is a jail and inside it is Pilou. If you try to get to him to talk, you'll be stopped by a sentry.

2. There is no other option than giving this greedy man 99 silver to let you pass so you can speak to Pilou. He will tell you about the stolen goods.

DAY 30: News from Karamix (quest: Second occupation)

We're receiving a lot of messages these days... is something going on?

1. Speak to Karamix, and you will be able to learn a second profession (this isn't mandatory to the storyline!)

2. He will give you enough resources, so that the next good you produce will decide you second profession.

DAY 32

I. The debris

Today you're ready to move away the debris south of the market, that has been blocking your way all this time. You will need 10 OP and the hard work will earn you 20 clay and 20 ore.

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II. The robbers (quest: Thieving scum)

Now you will meet the robbers, who stole Pilou's goods.

1. If you turn left from Tonk and walk south, you will find another tavern, in which the first of the two robbers will be. After defeating him you will get the first half of the loot.

2. The second robber and the second half of the loot can be found in the tavern east of the arena (go right from the arena and cross the little river to walk the path up north).

III. Sentry reloaded

The sentry is back and he won't let us get to Pilou!

1. After successfully retrieving the loot from the robbers you want to go and see Pilou to give it back to him and proove his innocence, but you can't get past the sentry. He will always demand one more coin than you have in your pocket.

2. Speak to Matricia about that and she will tell you about frogpowder.

3. If you give her one diamond, she will have some for you. (If you don't have any diamonds at this point you must wait until the day 35 quest, which will give you the needed diamond.)

4. Speak to her about Tonk as well, and you will learn that violets are the only thing that can calm him down.

5. Go back to the sentry, use the frogpowder out of your inventory and you can pass. Give the loot back to Pilou. He won't be set free the same day - he tells you this could take some days.

DAY 35: Savings for a rainy day (quest: Treasure hunt)

Oh, another message from your uncle? For a person who's gone and is not even able to remember us, he is rather present.

1. The message says he has hidden a treasure map but can't remember where.

2. You will find the map between the two brown barrels left of the players market. The mouse cursor will show "??? if you are at the correct position.

3. Now the treasure map is in your inventory, with a click on it it will be opened and a red dot will show the position of the treasure.

4. You will find a chest with a diamond and some gold in the bog at the place marked on the map. The map will disappear then.

(If you didn't have any diamonds to finish the quest from day 32, you can now do it with the one you just got.)

DAY 38: Pilou is free again (quest: To the waterfall)

Once again a message, this time from the guild master. Pilou has been set free due to our help.

To get past Tonk, you will need a violet.

1. The violet can be found at the second tavern, this is above the swamp. After arriving at the tavern you can see the violet, a blue flower, a little below the building.

2. Simply click on it to pluck it.

3. Bring the violet to Tonk, now he will let you pass and you can enter the house of Pilou just behind him at the waterfall.

4. You can find a message on the table in the house - Pilou will be back in a few days.


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Join Date: 21.05.2008 DAY 43: Pilou is back (quests: )

Pilou has returned home from his voyage.

Visit him in his house and he will give you a rose.

Now of course we can find somebody who will be more in need of a rose than us.

1. Give the rose to Heather-Rose. You will find her on the way going south from the market and turning west at the bifurcation. She is standing in front of a house with a bunch of flowers around it. She will exchange your rose with a love poem.

2. Give the love poem to Tonk, you will then get a manlyweed.

3. Matricia will be happy about the manlyweed, and she will give you a potion against arthritis.

4. Actually, you don't suffer from arthritis, so you can ask Tombo who will give you the hats of the 2 skull-robbers.

5. Karamix will exchange these hats against a piece of armor.

6. After all of this, return to Pilou and tell him of your barters. At the end, he will give you his part of the amulet.

DAY 47: The ferryman (quest: )

You will recieve a message from Heather-Rose. Let's go and have look!

1. First walk past Heather-Rose (who stands below Tonk, if you follow the path leading south) and take the next junction pointing west, until you reach the river and have the guild area (academy) right above your avatar. On the riverbank you now meet a ferryman.

2. Talk to him and he will give you a letter, which is directed to Heather-Rose.

3. Go and bring her the letter.

4. Then go back to the ferryman, who won't keep promise to stear you to the other side of the river. But you will at least recieve some gold for your inconvenience.

DAY 50: Pilou is gone! (quest: )

Pilou's house is a complete mess, and he himself is gone.

1. If you have a closer look inside his house, you will discover some soil and a hayfork. Take both into your inventory.

2. Let your pig sniff the soil, and it will follow a trace. You only have to follow your pig and it will lead you to a damaged bridge not far from the robbers' hut.

3. You need 5 OP and 100 wood to repair the bridge.

4. Cross the bridge and remove the fruits and the horse dung on the way to move on.

5. Follow the path towards the south and you will meet a man called Livius on the southern market place.

6. If you talk to Livius you will find out quite soon that he doesn't like Pilou very much.

7. If you talk to your pig it will suddenly have a diamond for you in its snout.

8. And more blocked paths will open that day: the fir tree below the robbers' hut will be gone, the flooded way south of Pilous house will be passable now, and the small branch underneath Karamix has vanished.

DAY 54: Olive oil (quest: )

Livius has been robbed too and it was this strange pipsqueak again!

Usally we'd just want to say a quick "Get well soon!", but it's quite obvious that he has a task for us.

1. So talk to Livius first.

2. He will ask you to sell 20 carafes of his olive oil for him.

3. You have to talk to the other NPCs (Karamix, Tombo, Matricia,...) and persuade them to buy some of the olive oil. It's a sheer matter of luck, if they will or will not agree to buy some. So just keep asking until you've sold the last carafe.

4. As soon as you managed to sell them all, go back to Livius and give him the money (2 gold) you made from the sales of the olive oil. He will give you a 10% provision, which makes 20 silver for you.

DAY 59: Livius' request (quest: )

Livius will send you a message saying that he'd like to meet you. But he doesn't reside on the southern market place anymore, because he has moved on to this own house. Take the path leading west from his last position and then south again and you will see him. The letter will give you the directions too.

1. Talk to Livius and accept his bid to bring him 3 bottles of excellent wine.

2. Right after we did that, there will be message from your uncle, who feels close to death all of a sudden. If you just go a bit west from Livius' house you'll find Horatio.

3. While talking to your uncle you'll learn something important: he can tell a good or excellent wine from a bad or lausy one. Aha!

4. Now we have procure the wine for Livius and therefore go back to the place we first met him. A bit east of there a guy called Jolaisus will have appeared. Jolaisus is a wine dealer, but unfortunately his basement is empty at the moment. However he'll make some wine for us, if we go and pick the grapes from his vineyard.

5. Go and pick the grapes and bring them back to Jolaisus. We will turn them into wine, which you now take and bring to your uncle for testing. Just click on a bottle in your inventory and Horatio can tell, if it's an excellent wine or not.

6. As soon as your uncle has recognized 3 bottles as excellent, you can bring them to Livius. He will reward you with a pot of golden honey.

7. Go back to your uncle and show him the soil you picked up in Pilou's house. He can tell you that this is soil from a vineyard, but can not say wich vineyard.

DAY 64: Horatio settled down?! (quest: )

A new message from your uncle Horatio! He has found his paradise and wants to stay there forever. That sounds interesting, let's find out more!

35 majitel majitel | 28. října 2008 v 10:05 | Reagovat

DAY 64: Horatio settled down?! (quest: )

A new message from your uncle Horatio! He has found his paradise and wants to stay there forever. That sounds interesting, let's find out more!

1. To find your uncle's resting place you will have to go back to Jolaisus. But he won't let you pass to search the vineyard.

2. Jolaisus confirms that Horatio is on the vineyard, but doesn't think that a frail figure like yourself can stand the sight of him. You have to proove that you're strong first, by defeating a bear.

3. There are two possibilities to solve this quest:

a) you can use the honey to distract the bear and raise your chance to defeat it. The bearskin will go straight into your inventory.

b) If you can't defeat the bear, go and see the bear hunter. You will find the bear hunter in the tavern east of the arena where the violet for Tonk used to be. For the price of 8 gold he will defeat the bear for you and bring back the bearskin to "proove" your heroic deed.

4. As soon as you've got the bearskin (one way or another) go back to Jolaisus. He will be impressed enough to let you pass. But where is your uncle now?

5. At the fourth grave from the left you'll be able to read the inscription. Uncle Hoartio is dead!

6. Deliver the sad news to the other NPCs: Karamix (will give you a loaf of bread), Matricia (a small healing potion), Tombo and Tonk.

DAY 67: Senkel and Pilou (quest: )

Maybe we should pay the grave of our uncle a visit... even if he isn't alive anymore, it might please him.

1. Jolaisus doesn't have any news for us, but the grave of Horatio is wide open!

2. We enter the grave and the pig realizes that the soil laying on the ground we are standing on, is the same we found in Pilous house. Pilou and Senkel are actually in this underground room, locked up in prison cells.

3. To free Pilou, you have click at the stones on the wall in the following sequence: 2-3-2-1-3

4. To free Senkel, you have click at the stones on the wall in the following sequence: 3-1-2

5. The moment you've freed both of them, everything will turn pitch-black and you will be assaulted violently! The part of the amulet we got from Pilou is stolen and the Chop-o-mat too! And Pilou and Senkel have disappeared again! And all your needs are in red after the assault!

DAY 72: Horatio's legacy (quest: )

Jolaisus found something quite interesting in your uncles legacy, that we definitely should have a look at.

1. Asking Jolaisus about the legacy reveals something about a password.

Tombo, Matricia and Jolaisus each know one word.

With the complete sentence we should then go to the ruins.

2. Jolaisus will tell you the word, after you harvest grain 5 times.

Matricia wants us to mine ore 5 times and Tombo likes to see us dig clay (of course) 5 times.

Watch out! They dont want the materials, they want to see you work 5 times!

3. As soon as the work is done, we should go and tell the person who requested it.

The word from Jolaisus is: DECIPI

The word from Matricia is: MUNDUS

The word from Tombo is: VULT

4. Walk to the ruin and say the password: MUNDUS VULT DECIPI

5. Now you can go into the ruins and find the ghost of your uncle Horatio.

Talk to him about everything you can.

6. Search inside the ruins:

At the black stone between the vases, left of Horatios ghost, you will find 5 gold.

In the middle one of the 3 vases you will find a take away junk food.

At the cobweb in the right corner you will find an item of armory.

7. Thats all, uncle Horatios ghost has now disappeared.

DAY 80 (quest: )

Senkel and Pilou are finally back.

A mail from Senkel arrives, he and Pilou now manage the tavern together, even without the pieces of the amulet. We get an invitation to visit them, which we naturally do immediately.

1. Off to the tavern, and really, Senkel and Pilou are free again.

2. Talk to them about everything and you will learn something about a house and a Roman girl called Lorena.

3. Lorena knows something about the drinking game, so we should go and talk to her immediately.

4. To find Lorena's house, go to the robbers' cave, where you rescued Karamix children. Close by you will find a hardly visible track, going down between the trees. Follow the path and you will find Lorena's house.

5. Try to talk to Lorena. She will not respond because she considers you as a pig shepherd.

6 . Discuss with Jolaisus, he knows interesting things about Lorena.

You need a silver outfit to talk to her. Jolaisus therefore sends you to Karamix.

Now the run begins: go to the ferryman, Matricia, Senkel, Tonk, and at last back to Pilou (in the tavern). Speak to them all, and you will finally get a silver cape.

7. Now you've received the silver cape, so go back to Lorena.

8. At last Lorena is ready to talk with us... after she has sent an invitation. Waiting again!

DAY 87: The shopping list (quest: )

We receive a letter from Lorena. She is unable to leave her house and asks us to procure some things.

1. We need: something against migraine, 1 bread, 1 bottle of spring water and some cottage cheese. All this of the highest quality.

2. Our shopping tour starts at Tombo. Ask several times until he gives you some exquisite cottage cheese. First thing is done.

3. The spring water you receive from Senkel. Talk with him about Lorena.

4. Migraine remedy is Matricias part.

5. Bake 1 bread in the village as Karamix tells you.

6. Our shopping list is done, let's go to Lorena's house.

7. She is waiting inside. Talk to her and give her all the stuff you provided. Speak about everything. She knows some interesting details about the Druid and this little meanie.

DAY 92: Lorena's son (quest: )

Lorena sends another message. She has learnt that her son is planning to do a journey into the forbidden area, and wants to kill the druid, which Lorena won't allow.

Lorena has a map for you - go to her and get it.

On the map some locations have been marked, where you should say Lorena's name backwards to get further advice.

Select the map from your inventory, to open it.

From Lorena's house you now go back to the robbers' hut, and from there on go right, past the coal place until the end of the road. The magical location is at the peculiar stone construction above the lake. Go there und pronounce Lorena's name backwards: ANEROL.

A first message appears: "I am a connecting element".

The second magical location is between the second mill and the second field. Go right and down from Pilou's house to find it. There is a campfire in a stone circle. The next message is "I bring outcasts from here to there".

The third magical location is in the south, where Horatio was testing the wine. Immediately left of Livius' house you find a stone structure, where you must once again pronounce the magical word. The last message is "I search for proximity to water".

Apart from that you'll now learn that the druid is hiding in the forbidden land.

DAY 98: The pipsqueak (quest: )

Pilou has seen the pipsqueak roaming in the village, but since then, nobody has seen him (the pipsqueak, not Pilou). Perhaps the travel pig can help us?

We start the search from Tombo, perhaps he has seen something? And as a matter of fact, when we ask him why he looks so funny, the pipsqueak appears by the mill.

However, when we want to talk to him, he disappears, and is suddenly standing at the marketplace. The next station is the tooltrader, and then in direction south, towards Pilou's old house.

We pass Heather-Rose's house on our way to the river, where the ferryman was.

By the riverside we finally catch up with him, but he's now surrounded by a magical protection shield, that we cannot penetrate. So time to wait again.

36 majitel majitel | 28. října 2008 v 10:06 | Reagovat

Here are the last three quests. This is also translated from Adsini his walkthrough for travianer. Since i cannot read german very well there might be mistakes here. Feel free to send me an IGM for improvement suggestions.

DAY 105: Getting attention

Today you will get a message from Senkel. The letter tells you that Tombo saw the Druid and that he wasn’t alone. The Druid was last seen near the ferryman. Both have a shield to protect themselves. Go to Matricia and ask how you can break the spell. You needs sneezing powder herb from the place of worship. The place of worship is the place where your uncle tasted the wine for Livius. And one of the magical places of Lorenas map was there. Go to this place. The herb is easy to overlook.

Take the herb with you and go back to Matricia, she will make sneezing powder of it. She tells you a spell. Go back to the druids and click on intervention. If the spell Matricia gave you is wrong you’ll get the answer: “pffff” and you have to go back to Matricia to get a new spell. The correct phrase is "Kem'bara fi hataschi." Go back to the druids and now they will sneeze and the amulet part falls into the river. The ferryman swears he will get revenge.

DAY 107: To safety

You will get a letter from Senkel telling you it isn’t safe anymore. When you go outside you’ll see druids everywhere. Whenever you encounter a druid, he will fight with you. But they are far too strong. Go to Lorena and talk to her. Ask her if she can bring you to safety. She can do that.

DAY 109: Battle against the druid pupils

You will get a message from an unknown sender. We are invited to come to the Arena. Before the arena a druid is waiting for us. To fight against it seems virtually impossible, he has an extremely high value and attack more than 3000 life points. Go to Lorena and ask for advice on how you can defeat the druid. Lorena knows a way to weaken it, but she can’t exactly remember how. It was something that is required in the kitchen. Speak again with her. The correct answer is "olive oil". Lorena also has a bottle of olive oil, but no longer in the combination of numbers out of the cabinet. However, it has a trick.

Travelling from north to south through all taverns. Count in the first tavern the number of dead animals, in the second the number of aquariums, in the third the number of drinking horns, in the fourth the number of candles and in the fifth the number of flower vases.

The first is that of Senkel his tavern. He has 2 dead animals.

The next tavern is north of the Moor. There are 3 aquariums.

Next, we visit the tavern in Karamix. We find 9 Drinking horns.

The next tavern is located at the second mill. There are 4 candles.

The last tavern is near Livius his house. 6 flower vases are there.

The correct code is 23946. Tell this to Lorena. Select the option "open lock” on the box behind her and enter the code. The bottle of olive oil automatically wanders into the inventory. Go back to the arena and start another fight with the druid. Your use the oil automatically. If the druid is still too strong, you can get a another bottle of olive oil at the tavern near Livius his house. In the tavern you can find a Russian named Yuri. Talk with the bartender to learn that Yuri has a bottle of olive oil. Yuri wants a bottle of vodka. The bartender sells it but asks 12 gold pieces for it. If you buy it take the bottle back to Yuri. He will want you to win a game of chess from him. Look at the game, then close it and talk to Yuri again. Tell him the winning combination is: E3G5. Then you’ll get the bottle of olive oil from Yuri. Now you can defeat the druid. He will disappear when you defeated him.

This was the last quest of the 1st generation.

37 Antroz Antroz | Web | 28. října 2008 v 10:18 | Reagovat

A kde je to česky? :D

A nástroj není zbraň, že ne?

38 Mahri hahli Mahri hahli | Web | 28. října 2008 v 11:58 | Reagovat

Tak,ale fakt vifotim to

39 majitel majitel | 29. října 2008 v 8:43 | Reagovat

Nástroj je tool a prodává se u tool tradera.

Česká verze bude prý v roce 2010.

40 Antroz Antroz | Web | 29. října 2008 v 8:56 | Reagovat

2010? To si budu muset koupit novej slovník. Jako není to špatné, ale asi zůstanu spíš u starého známého Travianu.:))

41 Zorkki Zorkki | E-mail | 29. října 2008 v 10:07 | Reagovat

Antroz: zkus si to přeložit na googlu.....sice to neni 100% a najdou se chybi ale mě (já ajinu moc neumim) to bohatě stačí :P xD


kdybi něco :)

42 Nidhiki Nidhiki | E-mail | Web | 29. října 2008 v 14:57 | Reagovat

na mim blogu je bleskovka

43 Martin Martin | E-mail | 29. října 2008 v 20:14 | Reagovat

majitel máš icq?moje je:490-602-180

44 tuzo tuzo | E-mail | Web | 31. října 2008 v 9:32 | Reagovat

good, a mam nový diel

45 Kurakh Kurakh | E-mail | Web | 2. listopadu 2008 v 18:18 | Reagovat

please co mám dělat když se ptám horatia tak mluví to stejný prase tam furt stojí dělá smajlíky a já nevím co dál!

46 Zorkki Zorkki | E-mail | 3. listopadu 2008 v 16:01 | Reagovat

už jste viděli to nové video na Bionicle.com? je to fakt mazec! hlavně Mata Nui :)

jediná věc která se mi na něm nelibí je ta velikost.. sem myslel že bude velkej jako normál Bionicl... ale jinak 100%

47 Kurakh Kurakh | E-mail | Web | 3. listopadu 2008 v 16:30 | Reagovat

horatio usnul, prase mele a já nevím co dál!

48 Mahri hahli Mahri hahli | Web | 3. listopadu 2008 v 16:32 | Reagovat


49 Sumikleas Sumikleas | E-mail | 15. února 2009 v 14:05 | Reagovat

Kto co neve??????

Ak hrate Na www.travians.com napiste na ucet Sumikleas

mozte prist aj byvat ak cee  a dalej ak napisete napiste co nevete ja poradim len prosim aj piste nemem zadnu postu.

50 Sumikleas Sumikleas | E-mail | 15. února 2009 v 14:06 | Reagovat

Horatio zaspal a ak si to este nepresel tak choj do mesta a vrat sa spet.....

potom bude hladny tak nasekaj obilie urob muku a choj urobit chlieb do mesta.....  ten mu potom dones a on sa nazere.......

51 Anonymer Anonymer | 24. února 2010 v 16:37 | Reagovat

není ješte český už mě to nebaví čist to po anglicky :-?

52 Anonymer Anonymer | 24. února 2010 v 16:42 | Reagovat

Poslište sem už při tom jak zvěčším sklad jak mam useknout ten supr-strom  ;-)

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